Nicks Classical Notes

Auf wurde unsere CD "Tesserae" mit einer sehr schönen Kritik besprochen, die ich gerne mit euch teilen möchte.

"Duo Enßle-Lamprecht are Anne Suse Enßle (recorders) and Philipp Lamprecht (percussion), and they specialise in music from the Middle Ages, as well as new and experimental music. Tesserae, their new recording of medieval music, both sacred and secular, is a fascinating exploration, with inventive combinations of recorders and flute with percussion, including bells, tabor and naker (drums), tamburello (a kind of tambourine) and castanets.  As a result, they create a wide variety of textures and moods here.  So in music by the enigmatic 14th century ‘Monk of Salzburg’, about whom little is known, we have simple plainchant on bells in one piece, and a double flute producing a strange effect of a drone with a surprisingly florid melody in another.  And a hurdy-gurdy makes an appearance, with its swelling drone and strange clickings in the dance-like ‘O Vasenacht’.  Lamprecht even lends his earthy, mournful voice to the ‘lark song’ of the famous French troubadour Bernart de Ventadorn (12th century), accompanied again by the hurdy-gurdy and winding tenor recorder. This is highly atmospheric music, and Enßle demonstrates impressive versatility, both in switching between the various recorders, but also between the simple drawn out plainchant style melodies and the more virtuosic, florid pieces, such as in the soaring, joyful ‘Chominciamento di Gioia’, with rapid precision tonguing and birdlike swoops.  The various drums and percussion are added to different pieces sparingly and sensitively, and overall, this is a highly enjoyable collection, with virtuosity and unexpected variety from both musicians."

Es gibt ein paar Neuigkeiten unter "Termine" - ich freue mich wenn wir uns bei einem der nächsten Konzerte wiedersehen.